WashJam 2020 Roll Over/Refund Requests

WashJam 2021 will be held in August, 2021

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Refund Request

If you have registered for WashJam 2020, and wish to get a refund or roll over your discounted registration fees for WashJam 2021, please fill out this form, and indicate your refund preference below.  Rolling over your fees to 2021 will lock in your discounted registration fees**, as there will be no Early Bird discount next year.
Fees from WashJam 2020 that are rolled over to WashJam 2021 fall under the Council Refund Policy, meaning once rolled over, you can still get a full refund up to August 4, 2021. If your 2020 fees are not rolled over or refunded by August 13, 2020, any un-claimed money paid towards the WashJam 2020 event will be used to offset expenses incurred to date.

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Roll Over My Registration Fees for WashJam 2021**(lock in your discounted pricing)
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** WashJam 2021 will be held on August 2021
2021 pricing will not include an 'Early Bird' discount, so if you paid the $42/$63 rate,
and request a full refund, you will lose your $5 discount when buying $47/$68 tickets to WashJam 2021.