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WashJam 2020 Activities

The activities at WashJam are organized into ten different areas, each with a Scouting theme. Campers are encouraged to visit each of the program areas, experience the activities, and have fun.

Cub Adventure World
This program area is specifically designed for Cub Scouts and is all about Western adventures and other exciting themed activities! Cub World 2016 featured a variety of activities including stage shows, backyard games, monkey bridges, bounce house, climbing walls, face painting, prehistoric adventures, space adventures, William Tell shooting galleries, and a Western themed town!

And don't forget the Huck Finn's canoeing on 'Lake Disney', the man-made canoeing lake that is a WashJam signature feature since John Disney created the first one in 1997. Cub World is limited to Scouts 10 years and under.

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