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What's New at WashJam This Week?

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The latest developments at WashJam this week include lots of exciting activities for Cubs and Scouts. Cub Scout Adventure World will include a 'Big Top' circus tent, filled with lots of fun carnival games, live shows, jugglers and more! Lake Disney will be back, with canoeing adventures for Cub Scouts.

Aquatics Challenge: WashJam has secured beachfront access to Waughop Lake at Fort Steilacoom Park, with canoeing and kayaking.

The Seattle Knights sword fighting and jousting troupe are planned to appear, for a live jousting show, with 4 horse mounted knights in shining armor, and on the field of combat: 12 armored knights will charge each other with weapons ready. With a clash of steel, they battle for honor and glory, swords blurring in a flurry of speed and skill that ends only when one of them hits the ground or yields!

New for 2022: Leadership Challenge:
This new themed area will include activities and challenges designed to build better youth leaders. Pacific Harbor's National Youth Leadership Training team will present an area dedicated to NYLT leadership ideals.

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