As we are now living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty and change with the Corona virus situation, the Governor of Washington state has placed a ban on large public gatherings for the next 2 weeks.

Naturally, people are asking: Will WashJam be cancelled?
As WashJam is still five months away, and a lot can and will happen between now and then in response to the Corona virus, we are advising everyone to wait and see what develops in the coming months before we make a decision to postpone WashJam.

The Pacific Harbors Council is committed to the health and safety of our participants and staff, and should it become necessary to postpone WashJam 2020, we will communicate this to all registered participants by mid July at the latest. The Council refund policy allows for a full refund of registration fees as late as August 5, 2020, so you can rest assured your registration money is not in jeopardy, should the situation not improve by then.

Meanwhile, Registration Is Still Open!
In the meantime, planning and preparations for WashJam continues. Over 1,500 participants and over 130 staff have registered for WashJam as of today, we are moving forward assuming WashJam 2020 will be held as planned, and our latest 2nd Tier registration ticket discount will expire in 7 days, on March 31, 2020, so register today, and save $5 per person.

Will any of the early bird payment deadlines be extended?
At this time there are no plans to extend any of the payment deadlines. When people decide to pay is their own decision, and that is not affected by external issues. Registering early means saving money, so early registration is recommended.

What's New at WashJam?

The latest developments include lots of exciting activities for Cubs and Scouts. Cub Scout Adventure World will include a 'Big Top' circus tent, filled with lots of fun carnival games, live shows, jugglers and more! Lake Disney will be back, with canoeing adventures for Cub Scouts.

Aquatics Challenge: WashJam has once again secured beachfront access to American Lake, with swimming, canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

The Seattle Knights sword fighting and jousting troupe will appear on Saturday, August 22nd, for a live jousting show, with 4 horse mounted knights in shining armor, and on the field of combat: 12 armored knights will charge each other with weapons ready. With a clash of steel, they battle for honor and glory, swords blurring in a flurry of speed and skill that ends only when one of them hits the ground or yields!

New for 2020: Leadership Challenge:
This new themed area will include activities and challenges designed to build better youth leaders. The popular 'Field Leader Reaction Course' will be back, offering a trip through the 'Warrior Forge' challenge course for older Scouts. Pacific Harbor's National Youth Leadership Training team will present an area dedicated to NYLT leadership ideals.

The Travis Manion Foundation will be a key player in this new themed area, using a strengths-based approach to develop character traits through a combination of informal discussions and activity-based learning. Mentors will help Scouts develop character and leadership through experiences, to include team-building exercises, group discussions, and experiential learning challenges.

WashJam Staff Registration:
If you or your Scout Unit are interested in serving on staff at WashJam, or if your unit wants to run an activity station, please let us know!
Staff Members start your registration here to join our email list and get on the roster, and let us know what area you are interested in. A listing of staff opportunities may be found here.

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Registration Is Still Open!
Register by March 31st and save $5 per person.

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